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Let’s Go to Africa on Sunday School Airlines


On Fridays, Bread Blog will highlight an activity, for either adults or children, that can be used by Christian educators. This activity, and others like it, can be found in the Engaging Church section of Bread’s website.

This week, African-American Voices for Africa released a new public service announcement that encourages African-Americans to support programs that help citizens of African nations lead more prosperous, stable, and healthy lives. Bread for the World’s Offering of Letters Campaign continues to urge Congress to create a circle of protection around  poverty-focused foreign aid, funding vital programs that save lives and help improve conditions for millions more by giving them the tools they need to lift themselves out of poverty.

How do you teach children about people and countries so far away?  This week, consider taking them on an airplane ride—a virtual one—to Africa. 

In this activity, children hear how Jesus taught his disciples the Lord’s Prayer because he wanted them to pray but also to pray for others. After learning many facts about Africa, and taking an imaginary plane ride to the continent, the lesson culminates in learning the prayer below. 

Read the entire Praying for Children in Africa lesson plan from Bread for the World's “Helping Hungry People" children's curriculum for more details. 

Our Prayer For Africa

We thank you for all children,

Near and far away.

Today we learned about Africa,

And we learned that we must pray.

The children need clean water

And healthy food to eat.

They also need medicines.

In schools they want a seat.

Take care of those in Africa.

We know you love them too.

As we continue to pray for them,

Show us more that we can do.

Photo: A young girl holding a collection plate filled with letters after an Offering of Letters workshop. (Bread for the World)


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I'm a Kenyan woman and a Sunday School teacher at Neema Life Solution Church. Delighted for your prayer, children go through a lot of things here. If possible visit us.

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