Urging our nation's leaders to end hunger

A Prayer for Our Leaders at the Edge of the Fiscal Cliff


By David Beckmann

This weekend, as faithful congregants across our nation gather for their final service of 2012, we are mindful of the great significance of the budget discussions taking place among our political leaders. Whatever the outcome of these discussions—whether that means striking a deal or going over the fiscal cliff—hungry people in the United States and around the world will feel the effects the most.

We urge Bread members, Bread churches, and every concerned citizen to pray that our leaders choose a wise and just course. Please pass this prayer along or compose your own:

"Almighty and loving God, we pray for our nation. We are divided by ideology and interest groups.  Our leaders find it difficult to make decisions together.  We face pressing problems. Our economy is still fragile.  But urgent questions go unresolved.

"We pray for the president and Congress as they continue to negotiate taxes and government spending.  Give them wisdom, a spirit of concord, and a shared sense of responsibility for hungry and poor people.  Open doors to a solution that will serve the common good. Amen."


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If we are forced over a fiscal cliff tonight or in three months time, the resultant tax implications will make it very difficult to gain sponsorship to raise money on behalf of 501c non-profit charitable organizations such as 'Bread for the World'. I run USAT&F sponsored races to raise money on behalf of 'Bread for the World' and other major U.S. based charities. We can only hope that the U.S. Congress does its job and forecloses the possibility of a fiscal cliff. 'Bread for the World' is one of my all time favorite charities. Their mantra is beautifully elegant in its simplicity "Have Faith. End Hunger." Keep the faith everyone, and cheers to a succussful 2013!!!

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