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Let Us Rejoice and Pay Tribute

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[Editor's note: This Advent season, we will be running a series of reflections on the Bread Blog from the San Francisco Theological Seminary. The reading for this post is Philippians 4:4-7 . Keep reading Bread Blog for more Advent reflections.]          

By Rochelle Rawls Shaw

The "Hope of All the Earth" has been given to and received by Christians around the world. All we had to do was know it and receive it. It is a free gift accessible to all believers. We don't have to worry about anything—nothing at all, but just be thankful.

During this time of year, we retell the story and sing songs of the birth of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. But today, today I wish to rejoice and pay tribute through song, to Our Creator for all the things He has done. I want to pay tribute to God, Our Father, for giving us such a precious gift.

To God Be The Glory (by Andrae Crouch)

How can I say thanks
for the things you have done for me
Things so undeserved
Yet you give to prove your love for me
The voices of a million angels
Cannot express my gratitude
All that I am or ever hope to be
I owe it all to Thee

To God be the glory
To God be the glory
To God be the glory
For the things He has done
With His blood, He has saved me
By His power, He has raised me.
To God be the glory
For the things he has done

Just let me live my life
And let it be pleasing, Lord to Thee.

Rochelle Rawls Shaw is a San Francisco Theological Seminary student and intern.


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