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Looking Back on the Creation of "Hunger for the Word"


Bread for the World's Hunger for the Word series is a three-volume set of lectionary reflections authored by pastors, professors, and other hunger advocates who are part of the Bread movement.

The books include weekly sermon/homily reflections, suggestions for worship music, and ideas for children’s sermons to help spread God’s word of activism, compassion, and integrity. The volumes, available both in print and online, were first published between 2004 and 2006 and continue to be among Bread's most popular, beloved resources.

Bread senior regional organizer Larry Hollar, who edited and compiled the series, offers these words on its creation.

Ten years ago this fall I was at Wesley Seminary in Washington, D.C., on my four-month time away from Bread for the World, editing the Hunger for the Word trilogy. Sometimes I’m reminded why I did that and what a blessing it has been.

Recently, Rev. Alan Brown, senior pastor of Hayes Memorial United Methodist Church in Fremont, Ohio, wrote to me on Facebook:

“Thank you for your work in Hunger for the Word (Year C). Your sharing of [contributor] Noelle Damico's thoughts in relationship to Luke 1:39-45 [….]will be extremely useful as I guide my parishioners to a deeper place of understanding and insight as we partner with our local family homeless shelter during the seasons of this Advent and Christmas this year.”

Alan was my student in a Mission and Evangelism class that I taught at United Theological Seminary in Dayton about six years ago. Needless to say, he came by his copy of HFTW because I assigned it in class, but more significant to me is that he still uses it. And I hear from others as well that the stories and insights the nearly four dozen writers shared in HFTW still resonate profoundly today. How amazing what the Spirit can do!

I’m truly grateful to [former Bread director of organizing] Kathy Pomroy and [former Bread managing director] Jim McDonald for giving me the encouragement and time over a decade ago to conceive and create these books; to the great writers, and to all of you for continuing to make these Spirited writings available to a world hungering for a word of hope, joy, love, and peace.


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