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Looking Back With Gratitude for Your Support


Bread for the World organizer Larry Hollar answers questions as Bread advocates prepare to meet their members of Congress at the 2011 Bread for the World Lobby Day. Thousands of citizen advocates provide the support for Bread's campaign to end hunger. Photo by Jim Stipe

By Larry Hollar

Looking back at the past year and forward to the year ahead, I’m reminded that the prayers and spiritual support Bread for the World receives are vital to our perseverance and strength.

As a Bread organizer, I am privileged to work with churches, campuses, and allies of all types in the Northeast.  My role is to offer tools, encouragement, and up-to-date information and advice so our grassroots activists feel prepared to invite others to advocate to our nation’s leader on hunger issues.

It’s joyous work—and exhausting. Weariness comes not just because I have a large territory to cover, but because the political process these days is challenging and the issues we work on are often complicated. Sometimes I need to hear good news again and find a spiritual center to sustain me, so I can keep serving our members and leaders well.

That’s why getting this heartening letter recently from one of our most active Bread churches in the Philadelphia area meant so much to me:

Greetings from the Wayne Presbyterian Church! Each week during our Sunday services we select particular mission partners and pray for you and the work you do. The persons who sign this letter want to offer a word of encouragement and thank you for your dedication to the cause of Jesus Christ and the work of God’s kingdom and to let you know that we are also praying for your health and safety.

Our love and prayers are with you in a special way this day. We also offer a word of blessing from the Book of Jude: "To those who have been called by God, who live in the love of God the Father and the protection of Jesus Christ; may mercy, peace, and love be yours in full measure."

The letter, dated Dec.16, 2012, was then personally signed by more than 100 parishioners at Wayne Presbyterian. It reminded me that I am not alone—that I’m buoyed in my work by those who write their letters to Congress, give generously to help Bread financially, and also take time to pray for all of us in the Bread movement, including staff members like me.

Thank you, brothers and sisters at Wayne, for lifting my spirits and giving me heart today.

  • Action: As 2012 comes to a close, we value your prayers for the Bread for the World and your generous financial support to continue our efforts to end hunger. A generous donor has committed to matching any other donation that comes in before the end of the year. Your gift today will go that much farther. 

Thank you for your spiritual and financial support.

Larry Hollar is a senior regional organizer for Bread, working from Dayton, Ohio, and serving Pennsylvania, Delaware, and parts of New Jersey and New York as well as assisting in New England.


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We're deeply grateful to you for all the dedication and fine work you're doing.
George Aman

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