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Quote of the Day: Roger Thurow


One Acre farmers worked together in groups of eight to twelve, friends and neighbors coming together to form their own little farming cooperatives. They gave their groups inspirational names like Hope or Faith or Mercy or Grace or Happiness or Success. Leonida's group of eight women and one man was called Amua. The name conveyed hope and faith but also determination and ambition. Amua, in Swahili, meant "decide."

"What have you decided?" Leonida was often asked by fellow farmers. " We have decided," she would proudly reply, "to move from misery to Canaan." Canaan was the Old Testament land of milk and honey, a place of abundance, the land of deliverance.

—Roger Thurow on Kenyan farmer Leonida Wanyama in his book The Last Hunger Season: A Year in an African Farm Community on the Brink of Change.

Photo: A woman in Zambia tends her crop. (Margaret W. Nea)


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To learn more about The Last Hunger Season project and to watch accompanying videos and trailers for the upcoming documentary film please visit: www.thelasthungerseason.com

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