Urging our nation's leaders to end hunger

Defend the Cause of the Poor: February's Bread for the Preacher

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By Rev. Gary Cook

What happened to ordinary time? Moving from Epiphany to Ash Wednesday in five weeks leaves us just two February Sundays before we begin following Jesus on his journey toward the cross. The texts for these Sundays offer rich opportunities to explore themes of compassion and justice. And they help frame decisions being made in the nation’s capital during the current fiscal debates: Will there be good or bad news for the poor? What is our responsibility to the "aliens" among us?

As you move from one busy season to another, I pray that you will find the words to biblically frame these pressing issues for your congregation. Encourage them to pray for both Congress and the president, that they will make wise and just decisions and "defend the cause of the poor of the people." (Psalm 72:4)

Rev. Gary Cook is director of church relations at Bread for the World.


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