Urging our nation's leaders to end hunger

Join Bread for the World’s 2013 Offering of Letters

APATT-Cover_largeMillions of people in the United States and around the world face hunger every day. For those people more is at stake now than during any previous Bread for the World Offering of Letters campaign. This year, through our 2013 Offering of Letters campaign, "A Place at the Table," we aim to prevent deep cuts in funding for programs that save lives and help people around the world overcome poverty. We also seek a bold but achievable goal—a united plan to end hunger.

Congress and the president have many issues to resolve this year, starting with our nation’s fiscal and budgetary crisis. It would be easy to say that now is not the time to claim a vision of a world without hunger. But this is precisely the time—when hungry and poor people are most vulnerable.

During budget and spending debates, we must convince Congress to protect programs vital to hungry and poor people here and around the world.

We must also persuade Congress and the president to make ending hunger a national priority and work together on a plan.

Neither task will be simple, especially if we remain rooted in today’s deep political divide. But God is at work in our midst, preparing an abundant table where all are welcome. With your voice, and those of others in your church, campus, or group, we will convince our nation’s leaders to ensure a place at the table for everyone.

Petitioning the President

This year, for the first time, we’re asking faithful advocates to sign a petition to the president in addition to writing letters to Congress. This is a new strategy, to show the president the depth of our support for ending hunger. We need his leadership and are convinced that our collective voice can motivate him and help create the political will to enact a national plan to end hunger.

Writing Congress

As in past Offering of Letters campaigns, we are urging you and your church to write letters to Congress about legislation that helps hungry and poor people. We provide you with a sample letter, both online and in the Offering of Letters kit, and other information to help you encourage people to prepare letters to their representatives and senators. Our letters will push for legislation to protect key programs and urge that Congress work with the president to end hunger.

Documenting Hunger

Today, along with the launch of the 2013 Offering of Letters, “A Place at the Table,” a major documentary of the same name begins screening in theaters, on iTunes, and on-demand, nationwide. A Place at the Table emphasizes the hunger, stress, and complications in the lives of Americans for whom putting food on the table is a daily struggle. Bread for the World is a major alliance organization of the film—which is produced by Participant Media, the company behind An Inconvenient Truth and Food, Inc. Magnolia Pictures is the film’s distributor.

By coordinating advocacy and action around the film, Bread for the World will promote a national dialogue about how to best secure the leadership, commitment, and unity to effectively end hunger.

Order your Offering of Letters kit, available in English and Spanish, and visit the 2013 Offering of Letters website for additional resources.


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