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Lenten Reflections: Satisfaction in Serving Others

Brother_helps_sister_with_shoeBy Arlene Pimentel

While driving to an appointment on a crisp, sunny morning, a man was thinking of his family's financial needs and tight budget. As his car came to a stop from traffic ahead, he noticed a woman on the side of the road with her car hood open and an infant in her arms.

He drove past the car, but felt in his heart that he needed to help the woman, so he turned around, even though it would make him late for his appointment. He noticed a man was already providing mechanical assistance.

He addressed the lady and she explained that she was on her way to a job interview at the local florist shop when her car broke. He then noticed an empty baby bottle and asked when the baby was last fed. The woman responded that the baby was fed three hours ago and that she was out of baby formula. His heart immediately sank because he had a two-month-old child of his own.

The woman began to get tearful when she realized how late she was for the interview. He offered her and her child a ride to the job interview and she gladly accepted. While she was at the interview he ran to the closest pharmacy to by a container of formula and a bottle. At the register, he began to feel the Spirit speaking to his heart to bring the woman $20.00 in cash. He silently said to God, "But God, my budget is tight." The Lord spoke again to his heart saying, “I am your provider, you provide to her."

After the interview, he drove her back to pick up the car, which the man working on it had repaired. She expressed her gratitude with a big smile. A few weeks later he was informed that the woman got the job and was an great asset to her employer.

40-for-1000_logo_blogThis story echoes Jesus' miraculous feeding of the five thousand (feed a multitude) only because a boy shared his lunch with Jesus. This boy did not have much to eat and was asked to give up what he had. By giving Jesus his fish and bread, this boy and the multitude were given more than enough to eat. (John 6: 1-15)

Giving out of generosity operates miracles in the life of the receiver and the giver. Not only did the woman receive a blessing with her new job, but the man also received the satisfaction of using his time and resources to serve a family in need. As we go about our busy days, we all need to stop and listen to the voice of the Spirit as he guides us in spreading God's love and blessings with others.

"The greatest satisfaction is to use your time, talents and resources to serve others."

Arlene Pimentel is Quadrennial Assembly 2014 coordinator for the  Disciples Women of the Christian Church.


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What a sweet yet powerful testimony! If we but remain open to the Spirit's leading, we would perform such miracles of compassion and kindness every day!

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