Urging our nation's leaders to end hunger

Food Bloggers Fight Hunger


How does one reconcile being a "foodie" with working to fighting hunger? The two things might seem to be at odds, but a lot of people who dedicate their time to cooking and enjoying the best possible meals are also passionate about fighting to ensure that everyone has access to beautiful, fresh, amazing food. Whether it's chef Tom Colicchio trying to makeover public school lunches or New York Times food writer Mark Bittman writing about SNAP, people who love food, and make their living cooking and writing about food, can be powerful anti-hunger advocates. That idea is at the heart of Food Bloggers Against Hunger.

Today, 200 food writers from around the blog-o-sphere are donating their posts to raise awareness about the documentary A Place at the Table and issues of hunger. And, most importantly, they are asking their readers to send letters to Congress to protect SNAP funding and make anti-hunger legislation a priority.

Many of the bloggers shared their tips for cooking healthy on the cheap, some chose to highlight facts about hunger in America and their thoughts on A Place at the Table. But a few of the bloggers also offered moving personal accounts of their own experiences with hunger and poverty.

Kate in Kitchen, who shares delicious recipes through her blog, bravely shares her past experience with hunger:

I have never, ever taken one bite of food for granted. I’ve never shunned a meal due to any reason because I can’t forget what it was like to not have enough. To lay hungry in the night. To walk past trash cans spilling over with half eaten foods, to see food thrown out, to hear people say “I’m STARVING!” as if they had any idea what that’s like, and me trying to focus the meager tips I made on purchasing something decent for my boy and I to eat when the bank account was bare.
For a list of participating blogs, visit the Food Bloggers Against Hunger website, or find the posts on Twitter, by searching the #takeyourplace hashtag. 


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