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Pray and Act for Compassionate Immigration Reform

Jeanette Salguero is co-pastor at the Lamb's Church in New York City. Photographed on Sunday, October 28, 2102. Photo by Laura Elizabeth Pohl

Tomorrow, April 17, Bread for the World President David Beckmann will join other religious leaders and Christians from across the country for the Evangelical Day of Prayer and Action for Immigration Reform in Washington, D.C. The event comes at a critical time—tomorrow, the U.S. Senate will release its draft bill for broad immigration reform. 

After a morning prayer-filled worship service, participants will visit Capitol Hill and tell lawmakers that it is time for just and compassionate immigration reform. The Bible tells us that God has a special concern for those from foreign lands (Deut.10:18, Psalm 146:9). God also commands others to display special concern and compassion for immigrants, and to remember our own immigrant history (Lev. 19:33-34, Ex. 23:9).

As part of the Day of Prayer and Action, members of the Evangelical Immigration Table (of which Bread is a member) will proclaim a biblical vision of immigration reform that respects the rule of law, reunites families, and upholds human dignity. If you are unable to attend, set aside a quiet moment in your day tomorrow and pray the "Prayer for Our Immigrant Sisters and Brothers" (below) or one of your own. You can also follow the event on Twitter, using the hashtag #IWasAStranger.

Make sure to call your members of Congress and tell them to support immigration reform that respects the human dignity of immigrants in the United States and addresses the poverty and hunger overseas, which are major causes of unauthorized immigration to the United States. You can call them using our toll-free number: 1-800-326-4941. 

Another way to message your lawmakers is through social media. Tweet your message to your member of congress or write on their Facebook wall. (Sample tweet: I pray and act for just & compassionate #immigration reform. Do you? @SenMikeLee #dayofprayer #IWasAStranger).

If you want to learn more about immigration issues, and Bread for the World's priorities for immigration reform, please join our expert organizing and policy staff today, for our monthly national grassroots conference call (and webinar), where we will explore the theme "Why Immigration, Why Bread, Why Now." Learn more about the immigration issue, its connection to hunger, and why we all should care. Register for either the 4 p.m. ET or the 8 p.m. ET call.


Prayer for Our Immigrant Sisters and Brothers

Blessed are You, Lord Jesus Christ.
You crossed every border
between Divinity and humanity
to make your home with us.
Help us to welcome you in newcomers,
migrants and refugees.

Blessed are You, God of all nations.
You bless our land richly
with goods of creation
and with people made in your image.
Help us to be good stewards and peacemakers,
who live as your children.

Blessed are You, Holy Spirit.
You work in the hearts of all
to bring about harmony and goodwill.
Strengthen us to welcome those
from other lands, cultures, religions,
that we may live in human solidarity
and in hope.

God of all people, grant us vision
to see your presence in our midst,
especially in our immigrant sisters and brothers.
Give us courage to open the door to our neighbors
and grace to build a society of justice.

(Source: Pax Christi)


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