Urging our nation's leaders to end hunger

House Agriculture Committee is Writing a Farm Bill Now

Capitol_bldg_flickr_usr_smaedliThe House Agriculture committee is once again writing a farm bill, and it needs to hear from you! If your representative sits on the House Committee on Agriculture, raise your voice and urge him or her to ensure a place at the table for hungry and poor people by protecting programs vital to them.

The farm bill governs SNAP (formerly food stamps) and international food aid. Both are critical anti-hunger programs, and both are at risk of cuts deeper than those proposed in last year’s farm bill process. The House farm bill was just released over the weekend, and it cuts SNAP by more than $20 billion over ten years; it cuts international food aid by $2.5 billion over five years; and it cuts international food aid quality programs by 78 percent. If enacted, these cuts would have devastating consequences.

Time is short: the committee will consider its proposal on Wednesday. Call 1-800-326-4941  and tell your representative that

  1. Cuts to SNAP are unacceptable. The proposed cuts would kick as many as 3 million people from the program, reduce benefits for hundreds of thousands of households, and deprive 280,000 kids of school meals. I urge you to vote against any cuts to SNAP and support efforts to restore any cuts.
  2. I urge you to oppose cuts to food aid and support efforts to make the program more efficient while also targeting the nutritional needs of women and children in the thousand-day window from pregnancy to age 2. International food aid reached 66 million people hit by famine, disasters, and other emergencies. These cuts will cost lives and hinder our ability to effectively reach millions of people in need.

Cuts to these programs will mean no food on the table for millions of our brothers and sisters.

This week is critical as the Senate Agriculture Committee finalizes its farm bill. Call your representative today at 1-800-326-4941 or send an email now.

Thank you for using your voice to help ensure a place at the table for all God's people.

Photo: U.S. Capitol building by flickr user smaedli.


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