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Comprehensive Immigration Reform Moves to the House


With Vice President Joe Biden presiding, yesterday afternoon members of the Senate delivered their one-word votes on comprehensive immigration reform.  Sixty-eight said “aye” and, with that, a bipartisan bill (S.744) that includes a path to citizenship for roughly 11 million undocumented U.S. workers passed the Senate.

We are grateful for the phone calls and emails you delivered to Capitol Hill over the last week, spreading the message that immigration and hunger go hand in hand. (You can see how your senator voted here).

The bill, although imperfect, is an important first step in changing a broken immigration system that perpetuates hunger. As undocumented immigrants experience disproportionate rates of food insecurity, legal status would provide greater opportunities to overcome poverty.

Earlier in the day, Bread for the World and other members of the Evangelical Immigration Roundtable participated in a prayer vigil in Washington, D.C. The group reflected on scripture from Matthew 25, which calls Christians into relationship with the stranger, and prayed together for immigration reform that would protect the most vulnerable. “God, when you grip our hearts we are turned toward our brothers and sisters on the margins of society,” said Rev. Noel Castellano, leading the group in prayer. 

Advocates will need the perseverance that comes with faith, as there is still much work to be done. The fate of immigration reform in the House of Representatives has yet to be determined. We will continue to urge representatives to include provisions in a final bill that reduce hunger at home and abroad.


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