Urging our nation's leaders to end hunger

Action Needed: House Farm Bill Vote Today


Late Wednesday, in a last-minute move, House leadership released a farm bill that does not include the nutrition title, which is the section in the bill that includes SNAP (formerly food stamps). The House is expected to vote on the bill early today. Bread for the World strongly opposes this splitting of the farm bill—which leaves nutrition programs such as SNAP vulnerable to deep cutsand the passage of any farm bill that cuts SNAP and food aid.

In this period of slow economic recovery, more than 47 million of individuals across the United States depend on the SNAP program to put food on their tables.  

Bread for the World is urging our members to call their representatives early today and urge them to vote “no” on this farm bill. Call 1-800-326-4941, ask for your representative, and leave a message telling him or her that any farm bill that cuts international food aid and leaves nutrition programs vulnerable to deep cuts.

Earlier this year, the Senate passed a bill that included $4.1 billion in cuts to SNAP but included needed improvements to food aid.  The House bill that failed passage last month would have slashed SNAP by nearly $21 billion, and international food aid by $2.5 billion (Bread for the World opposed these cuts).  Any final bill out of the House must be reconciled with the Senate version in a conference for final passage, and then must be signed by the president.

Vulnerable populations both here and abroad should not pay the price for partisan gridlock in Congress. Splitting the farm bill not only harms a program that has kept millions of struggling families on stable ground during tough economic times, it’s not an economically sound move. With 16 cents of every dollar spent on food going back to farmers and other producers, splitting the farm bill and making nutrition programs such as SNAP vulnerable to deep cuts will not only hamper the ability of people to buy food, but have consequences for those involved in the farming, manufacturing, and processing of our food.

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To deny our people aid to buy food e.g. food stamps, is the same as saying that you want to see them dead. How about lowering the price of food so that every one can afford it.

Also denig the same to people overseas who are in danger of dying is the same as elimating them. Here again you could ,if you want, control the value of moeny so that call, especially the most vulable can by
food. Also eliminate the their foeirn debt.

Political maneuvering designed to cut food assistance to the most needy is shameful. It weakens our nation at home and removes one of the best tools for building relationships abroad. Shame! Shame!

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