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Quote of the Day: David Brooks

“[C]ritics are correct that the number of people on food stamps has exploded. And so I was going to do a column, [writing] 'this is wasteful, it's probably going up the income streams to people who don't really need the food stamps.' And so, this was going to be a great column, would get my readers really mad at me, I would love it, it would be fun.But then I did some research and found out who was actually getting the food stamps. And the people who deserve to get it are getting. That was the basic conclusion I came to. So I think it has expanded. That's true. But that's because the structure of poverty has expanded in the country.”

New York Times columnist David Brooks, on the July 12, 2013 edition of PBS Newshour, talking about the recently passed House farm bill, which did not include the nutrition title that authorizes the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP).

Photo: DeEtte Peck uses her EBT card in Portland, Ore., to purchase food. (Brian Duss)


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