Urging our nation's leaders to end hunger

Faith Leaders Tell Congress to Avoid a Government Shutdown

Capitol_bldg_flickr_usr_smaedliToday, 33 faith leaders released a letter asking members of Congress to work to set aside political brinksmanship and work to avert a shutdown of the U.S. government. Unless our nation’s leaders come to an agreement on appropriations for the coming months, the U.S. government will close on Oct. 1, the start of the 2014 fiscal year, a move that will have far-reaching negative consequences for the country's economy and increase hardship for the most vulnerable citizens.

“Shutting down the government will do real damage,” said Rev. David Beckmann, president of Bread for the World, speaking at a press conference today. “Risking our nation’s creditworthiness will do even more damage. Most clearly, the disruption and uncertainty will put a brake on our economy.”

The letter from faith leaders, which is below, called the budget and financial crises "completely avoidable."

"We commit to keeping you in prayer, asking that God continue to give you wisdom as you faithfully serve our nation during this time when the country most needs your principles leadership," the letter stated.


Stand with David Beckmann and call for an end to the brinkmanship!

Email your members of Congress to pass a responsible budget that addresses sequestration and to raise the debt ceiling without political games. Tell your senators and representative to:

• Pass a budget that adequately funds programs that address hunger and help people move out of poverty in the U.S. and around the world;

• Replace sequestration with a balanced plan that includes revenues and responsible spending cuts; and

• Raise the debt ceiling without political games.

Photo of U.S. Capitol taken by flickr user smaedli.


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