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House to Vote on $40 Billion in SNAP Cuts

Capitol_bldg_flickr_usr_smaedliBy Eric Mitchell

Members of Congress returned to Washington, D.C., this week and their schedule is packed. One of the first things on the docket is a proposal to cut SNAP (formerly food stamps) by $40 billion. If approved, the cuts would be twice the amount included in a bill that House members voted on in June. We cannot allow Congress to pass such an extreme proposal.

On Tuesday, I was on Capitol Hill with Bread for the World staff opposing these outrageous cuts. Congress is under intense pressure to cut SNAP—it’s critical that you raise your voice and tell your representative to protect this vital program! Send an email or call now! If enacted, these cuts would kick millions of people off the program and place a greater burden on churches and charities that are already struggling to provide enough food assistance. For example:

  • Across the country, 2 to 4 million adults without dependents would lose benefits. SNAP already has strict work requirements but this proposal would require individuals to find work at times when jobs are scarce.
  • Nearly 2 million more people, primarily seniors and those in low-income working families, would lose benefits due to changes in eligibility rules.
  • In 2011, private churches and charities provided approximately $4 billion in food assistance, compared to $98 billion provided by federal nutrition programs. Churches and charities would have to nearly double their current food assistance to make up the difference.

On Nov. 1, all SNAP households will see their monthly benefits reduced whether this proposal passes or fails. Now is not the time to cut SNAP.

We expect the House to vote on this proposal as early as Wednesday. Email or call your representative today and urge him or her to vote against deep and harmful cuts to SNAP. Use our toll-free number, 800-826-3688, to be connected to the Capitol switchboard or click here to send an email.

Eric Mitchell is Bread for the World's director of government relations.

Photo of U.S. Capitol taken by flickr user smaedli.


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The current SNAP funding cuts are extreme and very harmful to children. Further cuts will affect 2-4 million adults without dependents. Nearly 2 million more, primarily seniors and low-income families, many already working several jobs, will lose benefits due to eligibility rules.

Requiring these people to "find work" when so many are already seeking jobs that are non-existent is incredibly short-sighted and cruel. My church Food Pantry can't keep up with needs now. Our church has no further resources, so people will become ill. This obscene selfishness must stop.

VOTE against further SNAP cuts. Thank you for your attention on this humanitarian issue.

Please vote against SNAP cuts

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