Urging our nation's leaders to end hunger

Join the Baker's Dozen


By Jim Lund

When I began working at Bread for the World, I was amazed to learn that more than 4,000 members give gifts on a monthly basis. These incredible members make up our Baker’s Dozen monthly giving program — and their relatively small gifts add up to a significant portion of our revenue each year.

Our Baker’s Dozen members are essential to our work. They provide a reliable stream of support and allow us to plan efficiently for the future. That’s why I joined the Baker’s Dozen program and why I’m inviting you to start giving a monthly gift today.

Our goal is for 60 people to join the Baker’s Dozen program this month. I hope you will be one of those 60 members.

If you join today, your support will assist Bread in the difficult months ahead. The need for our collective voice is especially urgent right now. Congress has returned from its August recess and will soon make far-reaching decisions about programs that are vital to hungry people here in the United States and abroad.

Your monthly gift will help Bread for the World

  • fight to protect funding for programs that help families lift themselves out of hunger and poverty,
  • urge members of Congress to make decisions that protect hungry and poor people, and
  • raise awareness about hunger across the United States — in your community and other parts of the country.

When we come together — each of us doing a small part — we can accomplish great things. Together, we can end hunger. Will you join us today?

Jim Lund is Bread for the World's vice president for development and membership.


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