Urging our nation's leaders to end hunger

Hunger in the News: Worker Justice, Income Inequality, Food Assistance

A regular, non-comprehensive roundup of current news links on hunger and poverty issues from around the Web.

"The Role of Religious Leaders in Worker Justice," by Joseph A. McCartin, Huffington Post. "Not only have religious leaders from across the spectrum consistently defended the living wage demand over the last century, activists from many faiths have spent much of the last decade laying the moral groundwork for the fight for justice that is now being waged by fast food workers."

"Income Gap Grows Wider (and Faster)," by Anna Bernasek, New York Times. "The reasons for the widening income gap aren’t entirely clear. Yes, the nation has had a big recession, but recessions typically tend to lessen inequality rather than increase it."

"A College Kid, A Single Mom, And The Problem With The Poverty Line," by Pam Fessler, NPR. "[D]escribing poverty can be complicated. Some low-income college students are supported by their families, but others aren't — and it's not easy to differentiate the two."

"India passes massive program to feed 800 million in poverty," by Mark Magnier, Los Angeles Times. 'India passed into law Monday an ambitious program to provide nearly free food to some 800 million Indians. Supporters hailed it as a long-overdue fix for the nation’s rampant poverty, while critics slammed it as a shameless and electoral ploy the country can’t afford that will encourage more waste and corruption."

"Deep cuts to food assistance a moral scandal," by Bishop Oscar Cantu, Silver City Sun-News. "When I listen to parishioners' stories, I hear the pain in parents' voices when they work overtime or even hold down two jobs to make ends meet, but still have trouble feeding their children. No one who has a job and works an honest day should have to make a choice between paying rent and buying food."


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