Urging our nation's leaders to end hunger

Pray for Comprehensive Immigration Reform Oct. 12 - 20

Pray for reform
Photo from the Evangelical Immigration Table's Pray4Reform gathering, held on the U.S. Capitol grounds in June. (Joseph Molieri/Bread for the World)

Beginning this Saturday, Oct. 12, and continuing through Oct. 20, faithful advocates across the country will join in prayer for comprehensive immigration reform. Christians will be gathering in Jesus’ name to lift up our representatives in Congress, the immigrants in our communities, and our churches.

Bread for the World views immigration reform as a hunger and poverty issue, as people cross borders to escape poverty and improve their livelihoods. Immigration reform will help reduce poverty and hunger among undocumented immigrants.

In partnership with the Evangelical Immigration Table, we will proclaim a biblical vision of immigration reform that respects the rule of law, reunites families, and upholds human dignity. Bread for the World members are invited to join either by participating in a gathering that is already planned or by hosting and planning your own event. This guide provides contact information and step-by-step instructions on how to plan a Pray4Reform gathering. 

For more information and links, see "Action Needed: Pray and Act for Immigration Reform."

If you are unable to attend, set aside a quiet moment and pray this prayer, courtesy of the American Baptist Church, or one of your own. You can also follow the action on Twitter or share your own prayer using the hashtag #Pray4Reform.

O God, we speak of our country as One nation under God indivisible with liberty and justice for all but we come to you today because liberty is threatened and justice is an orphan. We cry out to you for you are the defender of the alien, a shelter for the dispossessed, a mighty rock in a weary land. We lift our voices this morning for dreams deferred and hope held hostage; for families divided and sojourners incarcerated.  We pray for legislators whose intransigence is breaking the backs of the poor and the immigrant.

Raise up within their ranks those with an uncommon heart for  the common good, with vision that sees past the next election and moral courage that isn't subservient to the next poll.  Fill their hearts with compassion and give them a belly full of courage that freedom's bell might ring in welcome in every corner, every hamlet, every village, every city of our land. Make us again what we have always been:  a haven for those seeking a better life. 

Strengthen the hands and hearts of those who join with us today in petitioning congress and in nonviolent protest of injustice.  May their trust in you and in the basic fairness of this country be rewarded.

In your name we pray.


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