Urging our nation's leaders to end hunger

Tell Congress 'No More Excuses'


By Eric Mitchell

Enough is enough! This government shutdown must end and the United States must be able to pay its bills without the threat of default.

Are you tired of our nation’s economy being held hostage? Are you tired of political decisions leaving hundreds of thousands of people furloughed and without paychecks? Are you tired of a small group of people in Washington preventing poor moms from accessing prenatal care, keeping seniors from food baskets, and threatening funding for life-saving emergency food aid? If so, make your voice heard now!

Your members of Congress must hear your outrage! Tell them that they must resolve this fiscal crisis in a way that prioritizes and protects those struggling with hunger in the United States and around the world.

Even if you’ve already called your members of Congress about these issues, call again (1-800-826-3688), send an email, and tell your friends to call, too. We cannot stop until this situation is resolved in a responsible way. Call your members of Congress today and tell them to:

  • Protect our nation’s economic recovery and credit — they are not bargaining chips.
  • Open the government and pass a responsible budget that funds programs serving poor and vulnerable populations.
  • Replace sequestration with a balanced plan that includes revenues and responsible spending cuts.

A deal on this budget crisis may soon emerge. Make sure you members of Congress hear from you as they shape the legislation.

Call or email today and urge your members of Congress to reopen the government, pass a responsible budget that addresses sequestration, and to raise the debt ceiling without political games. Use our toll-free number, 1-800-826-3688, to be connected to the Capitol switchboard.

Eric Mitchell is director of government relations at Bread for the World.


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