Urging our nation's leaders to end hunger

Quote of the Day: Barbie Izquierdo


"Hunger, it’s right here in the United States.  It could be right next door and you would never know because people are too afraid to talk about it."

—Hunger activist Barbie Izquierdo, in the documentary A Place at the Table


Today, every family receiving food stamps (SNAP) will see its grocery budget shrink, as $11 billion in cuts to this vital program go into effect. For a family of four, this means a loss of up to $36 a month. As millions of families are bracing for these automatic benefit cuts, members of the House and Senate are meeting to finalize a farm bill that will impact vital anti-hunger programs—including SNAP. 

We need your help. The voices of your members of Congress are critical in our efforts to end hunger. Call or email your members of Congress today and tell them to protect and strengthen SNAP and other programs that help people struggling with hunger both at home and abroad.

 Photo: Barbie Izquierdo is a Philadelphia native whose firsthand experiences with hunger and poverty have made her an anti-hunger activist and nationwide speaker on the topic. She lives in Pennsylvania with her two children, Leylanie and Aidan (pictured). Barbie has worked with Witness to Hunger in Philadelphia and appears in the documentary A Place at the Table (Laura Elizabeth Pohl/Bread for the World).


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