Urging our nation's leaders to end hunger

"For Those Who Today Sit at Tables Empty of Bread"

On Tuesday, Dec. 10, Caritas Internationalis is calling on people around the world to pray at noon local time for an end to global hunger. This "wave of prayer" across time zones will mark the beginning of a campaign for Roman Catholic-related charities, called "One Human Family, Food for All."

In the United States, Bread for the World is urging its members to join other Christians and people of other faiths in this wave of prayer, which is supported by Pope Francis. Please plan to pray — individually, in small groups, in community gatherings, at your church — on Dec. 10 at noon.

Below is a prayer you might consider praying at noon on Dec. 10. Prayers from several other faith traditions are available at bread.org/prayerwave.

Dear God, whose eye is large,
Abundant life
Feels out of reach for those who today sit at tables empty of bread
Looking into children’s eyes, knowing tummies rumble with hunger.

Loving God, whose compassion includes all God’s creatures,
Abundant life
Seems elusive for those who today walk miles to find water
and walk the same miles to bring it back home,
sloshing in containers atop craned backs, and necks, and heads,
only to do the same thing again tomorrow.

Merciful God, whose kindness extends to people everywhere,
Abundant life
Feels distant to those who worry today desperately about what their children will wear or how they will find enough money for pencils, paper, book bags, simple supplies for school.

Just God, who sees how things really are,
Abundant life
Is falling down around us with huge inequities,
Piling up in some places where some have too much,
And can’t keep up with throwing the excess away.
And being pervasively absent in others,
Day after day, month after month, year after year.

Have mercy on us. Have mercy on us.
And in your mercy,
Make the mountains low and the valleys high.
Make the rough places smooth.
Open our eyes
To see what abundant life really means
And how we can deliberately choose to live so that
Abundant life is tangibly available to all.


Baptist prayer from Kenya

Photo: Mary, 3, plays in the trees near her home in Kamuli, Uganda (Laura Elizabeth Pohl/Bread for the World).


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