Urging our nation's leaders to end hunger

‘Tis Better to Give: Celebrate Giving Tuesday


By Jim Lund

Retailers have made the week after Thanksgiving a time for big shopping days to start out the holiday shopping season. Why not have a day for giving back?

Today is Giving Tuesday, a day when charities, businesses, families, and individuals come together to give back. Want to join them? It’s simple–just find a way to give back.

Giving Tuesday provides a way for Americans to do more with their wallets than just shop.  It offers a break from the holiday shopping season and directs our attention back to the things that matters most: spreading love and joy through simple acts of kindness and goodwill.

Bread for the World Institute is proud to be a partner in Giving Tuesday. The Institute works year-round to find solutions that help people suffering from hunger and poverty both across the street and across the ocean. Our just-released 2014 Hunger Report focuses on ending hunger in the United States. The report offers a clear, achievable four-step plan to make hunger a rare and temporary phenomenon, rather than the widely shared national experience it is today. Your gifts help make this work possible.

Please consider a gift today to help provide Bread for the World Institute with the resources we need to continue to educate our opinion leaders, policy makers, and the public about hunger.

I hope that you will join us for Giving Tuesday. Underneath the superficiality of the shopping season lies the Christmas season, during which we celebrate God’s greatest gift to us. 

Jim Lund is vice-president for development and membership at Bread for the World.


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