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Make At Least One More Resolution

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Consider facilitating an Offering of Letters in your church or community as one of your 2014 resolutions. (Joseph Molieri/Bread for the World).

If you’re the sort of person who makes resolutions—to eat better, exercise more, learn a new skill— then you probably already have your list made. But why not add one or two advocacy resolutions that can help end hunger?

Pick one or more of the suggestions below. If you have a idea for something not listed here, let us know in the comments.

For 2014, my advocacy resolution is to:

  • Organize an Offering of Letters at my church. The 2014 Offering of Letter campaign on reforming U.S. food aid launches later this month.
  • Call my members of Congress on each Bread action alert and encourage three more friends to join me.
  • Organize a meeting with my member of Congress this year about an important issue that affects hungry people.
  • Develop a relationship with the local and D.C.-based staff of my members of Congress.
  • Organize a local Bread team.
  • Attend a town hall and ask a question about a program that helps hungry and poor people.
  • Write an op-ed, letter to the editor, or blog post that educates on hunger issues in my area or around the world, or on the biblical basis for advocacy.
  • Use social media to engage more people and members of Congress in a conversation about ending hunger. Follow Bread for the World on Facebook and Twitter and share action alerts.
  • Create an educational event around hunger issues and invite my member of Congress.
  • Join a local anti-hunger coalition and represent Bread for the World.
  • Host a viewing of “A Place at the Table” in my church or community.
  • Invite three friends or family members, and two other churches, to join Bread to enhance our advocacy impact.
  • Come to Bread’s  National Gathering and Lobby Day June 9-11 in Washington, DC.

We all know that making a resolution is easier than keeping one. A good way to remind yourself of your advocacy resolution is to print out this page, circle your resolution, and then put it up on your fridge.

And here’s the great thing about Bread advocacy resolutions: they come with trainers! If you need help getting started or have any questions, just give your regional organizer a call.


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