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Rev. David Beckmann Has a Message: Thank You!

Watch this special video thank you from Rev. David Beckmann, president of Bread for the World.

“We’ve been sending you a lot of emails lately,” begins Rev. David Beckmann in a special video thank you to Bread members. The past year many urgent pieces of legislation were in front of Congress that had consequences for poverty and hunger. Bread for the World called on Bread members to raise their voices, and you responded. You made a difference.

“Together we have an impact,” says Beckmann. The central idea behind our mission to end hunger is that we yield tremendous power as a community of faith when we send a message to Congress that hunger and poverty must and can be alleviated. “We change laws and systems in ways that provide help and opportunity for millions of hungry people,” says Beckmann before highlighting the impact your voices have made in the past year.

There is more work to do to protect and help hungry people in the next year. The year of 2014 includes a packed agenda, starting with a busy January. Beckmann will join organizing and government relations staff next Tuesday, January 14, for this month’s National Grassroots Conference Call and Webinar.

This month you will hear about:

  • The 2014 Offering of Letters: Reforming U.S. Food Aid. We will outline the goals and let you know when you should expect to see a kit in your mailbox.

  • Emergency unemployment extension: Every week that Congress delays an extension, 72,000 people lose their benefits. How can the anti-hunger community make a difference?

  • The farm bill: Can Congress pass a farm bill that largely protects SNAP and makes common sense reforms to U.S. food aid?

  • 2014 appropriations: How can we ensure Congress adequately funds PFDA, WIC, Head Start, and other programs that help end hunger?

  • Comprehensive immigration reform: How can anti-hunger advocates urge the House to craft immigration legislation that contributes to the end of hunger both here and abroad?

Watch Beckmann’s video message that thanks you for all you have done and will continue to do as we embark on a new year full of new challenges and opportunities to end hunger.  “2014 needs to be the year our country gets serious about hunger and poverty,” says Beckmann.  You can help make that happen. Begin by registering for the January 14 conference call and webinar today.


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