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Excitement is Building: 2014 Offering of Letters

2014-OL-cover_mediumBy Larry Hollar
There's a special excitement for me when a new Offering of Letters campaign gets underway.
This year's Offering of Letters kit — a great, user-friendly resource for churches to participate in advocacy — is now available in print and online.
My email and phone traffic heats up as activists contact me to strategize about their plans to hold letter-writing events. And my Offering of Letters training workshop season begins.
A year ago, at a workshop in Philadelphia, Deacon Grace Marable of Bethel Presbyterian Church in North Philadelphia told me of her plans to do her first Offering of Letters, inviting not only parishioners in her church to write letters to Congress but also the recipients and volunteers at her church's food pantry.
Later, I sat in Grace's church with three generations of her family gathered around. She told me how the food-pantry recipients had been excited and empowered by writing letters and then getting replies from their members of Congress.
People at her church recognized something different about Grace, too. "You've found your voice," they told her. She had been changed as she gave others the chance to speak out about the needs of people who are hungry to their members of Congress.
Each year, decades-long veterans of organizing Offerings of Letters faithfully invite their church’s members to write letters to Congress. And each year, people like Grace step forward for the first time and make a difference in their advocacy for and with people who are hungry. My privilege is to support both.
How about you? Order your Offering of Letters kit today, learn more about the 2014 campaign to reform U.S. food aid, and get your Offering of Letters on your church's calendar.
The excitement is building. Can you feel it?
Larry Hollar is senior regional organizer for Bread for the World's Eastern Hub.


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