Urging our nation's leaders to end hunger

Act Now: Senate Voting This Week on Unemployment Insurance


By Eric Mitchell

The Senate is about to attempt again to extend unemployment insurance, and this time it may have the votes to pass it! But it will be close.

As early as tomorrow, the Senate may vote on a new bipartisan deal that would reinstate aid for the 2 million people who have been cut off from long-term unemployment assistance.

Please call (800-826-3688) or email your senators right now! Urge them to vote to extend unemployment insurance.

Last time, the Senate was one vote short. But now we have a chance to pass a bill and send a strong message to the House.

Over 2 million unemployed workers have been cut off from aid since emergency unemployment assistance expired on December 28. If Congress doesn't extend emergency unemployment insurance, then 5 million people will see their assistance end in 2014. For so many people spending hours each day searching for a job, this aid ensures that they and their families don't go hungry during a hard spell of unemployment.

Please take just two minutes to call or email your members of Congress. Tell them to vote for extending emergency unemployment insurance.

Your calls, emails, and prayers can make the difference.

Eric Mitchell is Bread for the World's director of government relations.


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Vote yes! Please pass this bill so many families need this little help during the job hunting time period to keep their homes.keep utilities on. Gas in their cars.food on tzbles until their job or orientation periods are over. It helps. Some are veterans just coming home and job hunting. Please understand and pass this bill.

I'm 61yrs. Old. It difficult finding a job. I have the skills in human services. I know it's my age. I taught jobs interviewing skills. I know how to interview. I'm a professional. I just can not find a job. I'm stressed out. Please pass this unemployment extension. It would help me and many others at this time of need. I worked for welfare for many yrs. And watched my co-workers play GOD with individuals money and food stamps. Stop playing politics and help us that need your sincere assistance.

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