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Lenten Devotions: "I Know It In My Heart

This Lenten season, Bread Blog will be running a series of devotions written by Pastor Ron Glusenkamp, senior pastor at Bethany Lutheran Church in Cherry Hills Village, Colo. The reflections are based, in part, on the music of Peter Mayer, accomplished vocalist, guitarist, and songwriter. The theme for this year's series is "Mighty This Love," named for one of Mayer's compositions (Listen to a special welcome message from Mayer).

This post is reprinted, with permission, from Glusenkamp's site, h20 devos. Audio podcast versions of the daily devotionals are also available.

"Elohim Creating Adam," William Blake, 1792. (Wikimedia Commons)

March 26, 2014

“Only You can break down the walls that hide me away
Only You can turn the night into day
Only You can stop the darkness from over taking me
Created the land the sky and sea
I know it in my heart to be true
The answer to me is only You.”

Lyrics from "Only You," by Jim Mayer and Peter Mayer

I’ve often thought that this song could be re-mastered into a big hit on the country charts. It just has a narrative feel to it that I think country-and-western fans would appreciate.

However, when I make comments like that to my dear friend Peter Mayer, he smiles sweetly, looks at me with his sparkling eyes, and doesn’t say a word. But he sends a message that goes something like this: “Ron, keep your day job!”

I was recently at the Tate Britain during the month of February. My wife, Sue Ann, and I were in London to celebrate the 10th anniversary of my 50th birthday. I was able to reconnect with colleagues and friends at St. Martin-in-the Fields. We were able to go to plays, worship services, and museums.

I had it on my “list” to spend some real quality time at the Tate Britain. I met a friend there for lunch. We had a grand conversation. Upstairs in one of the galleries, I saw the painting at the top of the page. Good old William Blake. He was able to see things in such a cosmic way, which, in turn, he was able to communicate through his art.

I don’t have the ability to adequately describe how this painting touched my soul.

All I know is when I hear Peter sing “I know it in my heart to be true
, the answer to me is only You,” that I feel right and good.


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