Urging our nation's leaders to end hunger

Faith Leaders: We Need Your Voice!

Christian anti-hunger leaders before meeting with President Obama in Washington, D.C. July 2011. (Bread for the World)

The Christian voice is unique. It carries with it the power of faith, the conviction of morality, and it is grounded in compassion for humanity. Christians don’t have special interests – they have God’s interest for the world at heart.

When special interests in Washington D.C., push for legislation that would take life-saving food from at least 2 million hungry people, just to turn a profit, your voice can stop it. Sign a letter to legislators and tell them to protect food aid.

 Last month, the House of Representatives passed the Coast Guard and Maritime Transportation Act of 2014, legislation that will drastically impact the United States' ability to provide vital food aid to millions of hungry people worldwide. The House slipped in a provision that increases the percentage of U.S. food aid required to be shipped on private U.S. shipping vessels. In effect, this takes away an additional $75 million per year from the much-needed U.S. international food-aid programs. This would limit the food aid we can provide in times of crisis.

The Senate must now write its version of the bill and commerce committee members are expected to begin work in the next few weeks. The provision (Section 318) in the House bill (H.R. 4005) cannot be present in the Senate bill. Tell senators that the faith community strongly opposes any legislation that increases transportation costs and decreases the effectiveness of U.S. international food-aid programs.

Never has the call to be the light of the world more important. Please sign a letter telling your senators that they should not consider taking food from hungry people in order to support a few shipping companies. If you have a senator on the commerce committee, your voice is especially important.

Regional organizers are working hard to help your voice reach Washington, D.C., and influence the lawmakers that can stop this harmful provision from becoming law. If you live in one of the states listed below and are a faith leader, please click on the highlighted link and add your signature – it only takes a moment. If you are a parishioner, please consider asking leaders in your faith community to sign.  For more details, contact the regional organizer listed next to each state.  We will hand deliver the letters June 10.

With the stroke of a pen, lawmakers make decisions each day that can increase or decrease hunger. With the stroke of a pen, you can shine a light on an injustice that must never be written into law.


Sign-on letter to Senator Begich 

Organizer: Matt Newell-Ching



*Sign-on letter to Senator Durbin

Organizer: Matt Gross or Zach Schmidt



Sign-on letter to Senator Coats

Organizer: Jon Gromek



Sign-on letter to Senator Klobuchar

Organizer: Matt Gross



Sign-on letter to Senators McCaskill and Blunt

Organizer: Zach Schmidt



Sign-on letter to Senator Walsh

Organizer: Robin Stephenson



Sign-on letter to Senator Heller

Organizer: Matt Newell-Ching



Sign-on letter to Senator Cantwell

Organizer: Matt Newell-Ching



Sign-on letter to Senator Johnson

Organizer: Zach Schmidt


West Virginia

Sign-on letter to Chairman Rockefeller

Organizer: Jon Gromek



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A query? Do you have Bread for the World in Canada? If not, why not? We produce tons of food - we have other resources too.

Why not start a sister-group up here?
If already it exists, I would like to know - thanks very much,

Food and water are the two most important things we can do as a nation so please don't jeopardize what we are doing. I oppose anything that would take away from the much needed international food aid programs.

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