Urging our nation's leaders to end hunger

Hunger in the News: Poverty in America, Income Inequality, School Lunches Around the World

A regular, non-comprehensive roundup of current news links on hunger and poverty issues from around the Web.

"The Changing Picture Of Poverty: Hard Work Is 'Just Not Enough,'" by Pam Fessler, NPR. "There are 46 million poor people in the U.S., and millions more hover right above the poverty line — but go into many of their homes, and you might find a flat-screen TV, a computer or the latest sneakers.And that raises a question: What does it mean to be poor in America today?"

"Mapping Three Decades of Income Inequality, State by State," by Richard Florida, Atlantic Cities. "Income inequality has risen considerably in the United States and across the entire advanced world. Most research has focused on growing inequality within and across nations. What’s less clear is to what degree income inequality has grown across different parts of the U.S."

"One in five rely on food stamps in five states," by Jennifer Liberto, CNN Money. Nearly one in five people are on food stamps in five states—Mississippi, Oregon, Tennessee, New Mexico and Louisiana—a stark reminder that the Great Recession continues to be a drag on the nation's poorest.

"A taste of school lunches around world," by Donna Gordon Blankinship, AP. The Associated Press sent photographers to Asia, Europe, Africa and Latin America to see what kids around the globe eat for lunch.

"Where Do Food Stamps Go the Furthest? At the Farmers Market," by Willy Blackmore, TakePart.com. Despite the cuts to SNAP (formerly food stamps) brought about by the new farm bill, a $2.5 million grant from First 5 L.A. will make SNAP recipients’ food assistance go twice as far at farmers markets across the Southland.


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