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Quote of the Day: Art Simon

Bread founder Art Simon (right) chats with Rep. Jim McGovern (D-Mass.) at the Lobby Day reception during Bread for the World's 2011 National Gathering. (Rick Reinhard)

"From the start, we made the decision to anchor our work in the Gospel of God’s providential care and saving love in Jesus. And we decided to help people link their faith in Christ with our stewardship as citizens in order to obtain justice for hungry people.

It seemed a simple and obvious way of following Jesus. But it also seemed a gamble. Would it work? Some told me it would not work, that Christians are wedded to direct aid only. They said a response that moves into the political arena would press a button too hot to touch. Stick to Band-Aids, they advised.

We prayed for wisdom and invited God's blessing, then decided to launch Bread for the World nationally. We were full of hope but also prepared for possible failure. To our astonishment, an initial mailing brought in several thousand members, and Bread for the World was off and running."

—Rev. Arthur Simon, founder of Bread for the World, on the organization's beginnings, 40 years ago.

This year, Bread for the World is celebrating its 40th anniversary! In honor of this milestone, we're offering a special $40 registration rate for our 2014 National Gathering, which will take place June 9-10 in Washington, D.C. After today, the rate goes up to $80. Visit www.bread.org/40 to register today.


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