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My Blessing

Amanada and story3
Amanda Bornfree and her daughter Story. (Photo courtesy of Amanda Bornfree)

By Amanda Bornfree

A few weeks after my husband and I found out we were expecting our first child, he lost his job—and we were without health insurance.

We were so afraid—and we didn’t know where to turn. But then we discovered that because of our sudden shift in income, I was eligible for benefits through the Women, Infants and Children Program (WIC).

Bread for the World’s advocacy for programs like WIC is truly a blessing. This year, nearly 9 million women and young children are receiving WIC benefits each month—and my baby girl and I are two of them.

I’m grateful for Bread's advocacy work, and I'd like to invite you to support their efforts for hungry people. Right now you have a special opportunity to make a big impact, because every dollar you give will be doubled, up to $100,000! Can you make a donation?

When I went to the WIC clinic I was given a pamphlet about the nutrition I needed as a pregnant woman. I still remember how I smiled when I found out that I could use some WIC monthly food vouchers at farmers markets. I remember thinking, "My baby and I are just as important as the family that is fortunate enough to be able to afford farmer’s markets."

For nearly 40 years Bread for the World has fought on behalf of poor and vulnerable people, defending the programs that meet their essential needs. Will you make a gift today to help support Bread's work on their behalf?

The assistance I received made me feel loved and important. It gave my husband and me more faith in our belief that everything was going to be all right. And that faith fed our determination to succeed. Everyone—rich or poor—has the right to live a healthy life. My family is blessed that Bread was around to defend that right.

Please donate to support Bread's incredible work today.

Amanda Bornfree is a member of Bread for the World and a consultant in the church relations department.

Rita's Smile

Rita Rana at the Nutrition Rehabilitation Home (NRH) in Dhangadhi, Nepal. (Laura Elizabeth Pohl/Bread for the World)

By Laura Elizabeth Pohl

Unlike the other children at the Nutrition Rehabilitation Home in Nepal, Rita Rana didn't cry, smile, or run away when I first entered the room.

I was immediately drawn to her quiet demeanor, and I set down my cameras.

Rita, with her deep brown eyes and big front teeth, sat like a little sack of potatoes as I made funny faces, shook her hand and played peek-a-boo.

Rita, at age 2, was the oldest child there—but she was also the shortest and the lightest. Malnutrition had stunted her growth and development.

I kept trying to draw Rita out. Finally, when I pretended to try and tickle her, she gave a faint smile.

I spent the next three days photographing and filming inside the home—and wondering about Rita's future.

Please make a generous gift today to help Bread for the World protect the funding that changes the lives of children.

I saw firsthand during my trip to Nepal how important your support is for kids like Rita. Your generosity helps Bread fight hard for foreign assistance that can save millions of lives. By advocating for programs that provide adequate nutrition during the 1,000-day window from pregnancy to age 2, we focus on the approaches that best help children develop properly so that they can thrive.

Your support is critical to ensuring we can make lasting change for children like Rita. And it doesn’t take much to make a big difference. For every dollar you give, Bread helps win more than $100 in assistance for hungry and poor people in the U.S. and abroad.

Now is the perfect time to give—a group of generous donors have stepped up to match every dollar that you donate by Dec. 31. Donate today to help ensure Bread can expand our work advocating for the programs that save the lives of hungry people.

After meeting Rita and seeing firsthand how your generous donations can help kids like her, I feel privileged to be a part of Bread’s advocacy work. Thank you for supporting Bread and, more importantly, for supporting millions of hungry people around the world.

Laura Elizabeth Pohl is Bread for the World's multimedia manager.

The Bread for the World Difference

Beckmann_and _bread_mosaic

By David Beckmann

As I write this, every interest group in Washington is pounding the halls of Congress, trying to weigh in on the fiscal cliff negotiations before Christmas.

And so is Bread for the World. But while other groups are looking out for their own interests, Bread is determined to make a difference in the lives of hungry people.

It's a difference that's worth supporting.

Right now, when you support Bread for the World you can make an even greater impact. A few generous donors will match every dollar you give during these final 11 days of the year—up to $100,000.

Donate now and your gift will be doubled!

Bread for the World isn’t just different because of our mission—we're different because we're effective. On Capitol Hill, Bread is a well-known and respected voice of the faith community, allowing us to bring together people who usually can't agree on anything. Our reputation gives us access to our nation’s leaders—from Speaker Boehner to President Obama—which is essential to winning the fight against hunger.

Please make a generous donation now to support our dedicated work on behalf of hungry and poor people.

Bread's advocacy work has a huge impact in caring for the most vulnerable. If Congress cuts federal nutrition programs, millions of people will suffer. That's one reason your support right now is so important.

Donate today to help us do even more to advocate for the funding of critical programs that fight hunger at home and abroad. Your gift will be matched, dollar for dollar, when you donate by Dec. 31.

Together, we are powerful, compassionate advocates for hungry people — driven by our faith in Jesus Christ. I am so grateful for your partnership. I look forward to your support so that we can do more vital work in the year to come.

May Christ's birth among us bring you hope and joy.

David Beckmann is president of Bread for the World.

Help Bread and Receive a Special Holiday Gift from Rick Steves


(Photo courtesy of Rick Steves)

By Rick Steves

If these times seem tough for our friends and family, imagine how tough they are for hungry and poor people. To add meaning to the holiday season, every Christmas I raise funds for Bread for the World through my network at “Rick Steves’ Europe Through the Back Door.” This year the needs and rewards are particularly great. I’d love to send you a special Christmas package in thanks for your gift to empower Bread’s work. This gift package was so overwhelmingly popular last year that I want to offer it again so you can share it with even more of your loved ones.

I believe hungry people need strong, compassionate advocates like you and Bread for the World—especially when there are so many interests competing for attention on Capitol Hill.

While the charitable work we do as caring citizens is important, it’s important to remember that all the food provided by these charities amounts to just 5 percent of the food available for poor and hungry people. The government provides the rest. That means Bread’s advocacy has a huge impact on caring for the most vulnerable people among us. I’m convinced that supporting Bread is the best way to leverage my charitable giving. That’s why I’ve been a Bread member for 30 years.

David Beckmann, president of Bread for the World, recently told me that Bread’s work is particularly critical now and worth empowering with our financial support:

“We are at a point at which ideologues in Congress are threatening deep cuts in programs that provide help and opportunity to poor people in our country—programs such as SNAP (formerly food stamps), Medicaid, and tax credits for the working poor,” he said. “Of course, all Americans can be enthusiastic about our government running a tight fiscal ship. But if the budget is to be balanced on the backs of poor people, innocent children will suffer, and the civility woven into the fabric of our society will be threatened.”

I see Bread for the World not as a charity, but as a service. The organization is transforming my concern about hunger into effective action by diligently working to protect struggling people in our country and around the world.

So here’s my challenge to you this Christmas: Help Bread for the World continue its crucial work with your gift of $100 or more. As a thank you, I’ll send you three gifts (worth $50) from my Rick Steves’ European Christmas collection:

  • “Rick Steves’ European Christmas” DVD (our PBS-TV special celebrating a traditional, non-commercial, and sacred Christmas in seven different countries)
  • “Rick Steves’ European Christmas” coffee-table book (the fun insights and best photos I gathered while producing the special)
  • “Rick Steves’ European Christmas” music CD (produced while filming, featuring our 20 favorite European carols)

I’ll happily pay for the cost of these three gifts, as well as postage, so that Bread for the World can use 100 percent of your donation. Make your gift by Dec. 7 to receive this offer and you’ll get everything in time for Christmas.

 It’s my hope that these gifts will add a wonderful new twist to your family celebrations for years to come (as they have for mine), while also enticing you to empower Bread for the World with your donation.

Thanks and Merry Christmas!

Rick Steves (www.ricksteves.com) writes European travel guidebooks and hosts travel shows on public television and public radio.

Rick Steves Gives $104,222 to Bread for the World


Photo: Rick Steves makes out a check to Bread for the World. (Photo from Rick Steves' Facebook page)

Last week, travel show host and hunger activist Rick Steves pledged to give Bread for the World $100,000 once he reached 100,000 “likes” on his Facebook page. Steves reached that goal so quickly—in just a few hours—that he decided to extend the challenge and donate an additional $1 for every new "like" his Facebook page received through October 1.

By the time the deadline rolled around, Steves had reached 104,222 Facebook fans, and yesterday he wrote out a check in the amount of $104,222 for Bread for the World.

Steves' gift funds an anti-hunger initiative that includes:

  • Promotion of the documentary The Line, which Bread helped to fund.
  • Distribution of DVDs of the Circle of Protection presidential candidate statements to more than 2,000 U.S. churches in an effort to encourage conversations about tackling hunger from a faith perspective.
  • A radio campaign that will ask listeners to watch the videos and urge Congress to maintain a circle of protection around programs that affect poor and hungry people.
  • A post-election distribution of DVDs of the winning candidate’s statement to more than 5000 faith leaders and churches, along with tools that will assist them in making sure the next president of the United States is held accountable to ending hunger and poverty while in office.

We’d like to again thank Steves for his gift and his commitment to ending hunger and poverty, and also extend thanks to the 104,222 people who helped make his gift possible.

Dr. Barbara Clawson: "We Are Called Upon to Be Faithful"


Dr. Barbara Clawson at the Bread for the World dinner honoring Hunger Justice Leaders. (Photo by Laura Elizabeth Pohl/Bread for the World)

This profile of Dr. Barbara Clawson comes from Bread's Summer 2012 "Legacy of Hope" newsletter.

Bread for the World founder Art Simon calls Dr. Barbara Clawson “…a doer, one whose call to hunger ministries was shaped by her international experiences.” Indeed, Barbara’s life has been marked by international travel. The longtime Bread for the World member has visited and worked in at least 40 countries, many repeatedly.

“God has blessed me with many opportunities, especially overseas,” she said, “and with good health.” During decades of teaching and mission visits overseas, Dr. Clawson has witnessed global hunger and its effects.

Before she retired, Dr. Clawson worked as a teacher, most recently as a teacher educator at the University of North Carolina at Greensboro. In her free time, Barbara likes to read and walk. And of course, travel, which she says has afforded her the opportunity to interact personally with people of all types.

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And the Winner is...

Christmas card 8.8.12

Bread for the World 2012 Christmas card image. (Photo by Nurun Nahar Nargish/Drik/Majority World)

We would like to thank you for participating in  Bread for the World's 2012 Christmas card photo contest. The results have been tallied and the winning photo, with nearly 50 percent of the votes, features two young girls studying by a kerosene lamp at their home in Netrokona, Bangladesh.  

The photographer, Nurun Nahar Nargish  is from Bangladesh and works for Majority World, a global photo agency that highlights the work of photographers from developing countries.  Growing up Nargish says she had no desire to be a photographer, just a passion for documenting the natural beauty of her country and daily life in her village. She is now an award winning photographer who has turned her passion into her occupation.

Pre-order now to receive your cards by early October. Three additional card designs
are also available at our online store.

Racine-tucker-hamilton Racine Tucker-Hamilton is media relations manager at Bread for the World.


Our Thanks to YOU for Your Generosity

7.26.12. Thank You

School kids enjoying a healthy lunch with fresh fruit and vegetables. Photo by USDA.

Your donation will make a difference for hungry people. I want to personally thank those who contributed to our summer matching gift campaign. I am happy to report that Bread for the World raised over $180,000—surpassing our goal of $150,000!

An additional matching gift was made by a generous member, and now a total of $175,000 will be matched dollar-for-dollar. 

I am grateful to everyone who participated in the campaign, which raised a total of $355,000 overall—a significant boost to Bread’s efforts to protect funding for programs that are vital for hungry people. 

Thank you for your generosity and for making this campaign an overwhelming success!


Rev. David Beckmann is president of Bread for the World


Ten Dollars Could Help Millions

7.19.12 summer matchBread for the World is so close to reaching our summer match campaign goal of $150,000. Generous Bread members like you have already given more than $147,000! Can you donate right now to help us reach the goal by midnight?

The entire $150,000 will be matched dollar-for-dollar if we can raise just $3,000 more. That's only $10 from 300 people!

Ten dollars is less than you'd spend on eating out for dinner—will you be one of the 300 and help hungry people with a donation? With everyone's support, this will make a huge impact for millions of hungry people all over the world.

Thank you for giving generously.

Photo caption: Mother and daughter shell peas from their garden in Nicaragua.


 Rev. David Beckmann is president of Bread for the World.


Give Today to the Fight to End Hunger


This is a difficult time for hungry people. Bread is fighting a detrimental farm bill proposal that the House Agriculture Committee is voting on this week. Will you please give today to help us double our efforts to defend hungry people?

This bill poses a huge threat. Your gift will help us fight against:

  • Deep cuts to SNAP (formerly the food stamp program) that could kick 2 to 3 million people off the program.
  • SNAP cuts that will lead to nearly 300,000 kids losing free school meals.
  • Cuts to international food aid — which reached more than 66 million people last year.

If you make a donation now, it will be doubled as part of our Summer Match Campaign. Your gift, matched dollar-for-dollar, will help defend these programs for millions of people.

Don't wait — the House Ag Committee will vote this week and the deadline for your gift to be matched is July 20.

Please help with a gift today!

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