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Quote of the Day: Lynne Hybels


"It is quite moving to have a pope whose heart is capturing the world – Catholics and non-Catholics – and drawing us together for common cause."

—Lynne Hybels, co-founder of Willow Creek Community Church in Illinois, and author of Nice Girls Don’t Change the World

Today, join Bread for the World, and people around the world, in supporting Pope Francis and Caritas Internationalis in a prayer wave to end hunger. Please take a moment to pray — individually, in small groups, in community gatherings, at your church — at noon, your local time. This "wave of prayer" across time zones will mark the beginning of a campaign for Roman Catholic-related charities, called "One Human Family, Food for All." For more information, and to watch Pope Francis' video message about the prayer wave, please visit www.bread.org/prayerwave.

Photo: Young women praying (Joseph Molieri/Bread for the World).

Quote of the Day: Dominic Duren


"People fail to realize the pain and embarrassment that comes from not being able to feed your family."

—Dominic Duren, director of HELP, at the Nov. 25 launch of Bread for the World Institute's 2014 Hunger Report, Ending Hunger in America. HELP is a Cincinnati, Ohio, program that helps returning citizens in the community find jobs that enable them to provide for themselves and their families.

Because a good job is still the best way out of poverty, helping individuals with significant barriers to work improve their prospects for employment is one of the recommendations of the 2014 Hunger Report. Read more in Chapter 3 of the report.

Photo: Dominic Duren and his son, Dominic Jr., are featured on the cover of this year's print report. Here, they take a photo in the basement of St. Francis De Sales in Cincinnati, Ohio (Joseph Molieri/Bread for the World).

Food Banks Say They Can't Fill the Hunger Gap

Food Bank RickMany local newspapers have recently published op-eds written by food bank representatives, all of them with a clear message to Congress: if legislators cut nutrition assistance, charity cannot fill the hunger gap.

Many Christians and others are generous in supporting food banks, but with the needs of struggling families they are anticipating, the food banks simply cannot ramp up their assistance quickly enough and will never have the capacity to fill the gap that Congress has created.

Paul Ash, executive director of the San Francisco and Marin Food Banks, talks about a potential $40 billion cut to SNAP (food stamps) in his op-ed "Food Banks can't make up for food stamp benefit cuts," published Nov. 17, 2013, in SF Gate. "[W]e can raise our voice in protest now, or prepare to watch our neighbors go without enough to eat," he writes.

"It's easy to pass off what goes on in Washington as senseless, unwise, irrational, or out of our control," Ash continues. "But it's more useful to be shouting as loud as we can – through our representatives, to the conferees who will cast the votes, and to the White House – that this is not acceptable."

Ash notes in the op-ed that the Nov. 1 SNAP cuts, combined with the $40 billion in proposed cuts in the House version of the farm bill, would mean that every food bank in the nation would have to double the amount of assistance they provide in order to meet demand. Donors, Ash notes, have shown no signs that they would be willing to double their giving, which would leave food banks unable to provide food to people in need of emergency aid. 

The next few weeks are critical as members of the farm bill conference committee negotiate a final bill. The cuts that have already taken place have made it more difficult for already-struggling families to put food on the table. As food prices increase and benefits decrease, more families will likely find themselves in need of charitable food donations earlier in the month — but cuts to nutrition assistance will leave a hunger gap that cannot be closed by churches, pantries, or food banks.  

Each time a food bank representative speaks out in local papers, which members of Congress read, faithful advocates have an opportunity to amplify that message. When you see such articles, we urge you to write a letter to the editor. Contact your regional organizer if you need assistance or talking points.

With 49 million Americans at risk of hunger, and more than 1 billion people around the world living in extreme poverty, now is the time to raise your voice in protest. SNAP and international food aid programs must be protected in the farm bill. Email or call your member of Congress at 800-826-3688 today.

Photo: A food bank in Alexandria, Va., provides emergency food assistance (Rick Reinhard).

Quote of the Day: Nelson Mandela

Child_eating_sandwich"Let there be justice for all.  Let there be peace for all.  Let there be work, bread, water, and salt for all.  Let each know that for each the body, the mind, and the soul have been freed to fulfill themselves."

—Nelson Mandela














The next few days are critical. Congress has only a handful of legislative days remaining to reverse the harmful cuts put in place by sequestration and to pass a farm bill. Besides affecting SNAP, these cuts also threaten funding for international emergency food aid, poverty-focused foreign assistance, nutrition assistance for struggling seniors and pregnant women, and Head Start for low-income children. Take a few moments to call (800-326-4941) or send an email right now.

A child eating a sandwich (Margaret W. Nea).

Quote of the Day: Luke 3:11

"Whoever has two coats must share with anyone who has none; and whoever has food must do likewise." (Luke 3:11)

Congress has just a few weeks to reverse the harmful cuts put in place by sequestration and to pass a farm bill. Funding for many anti-hunger, anti-poverty programs — including international emergency food aid, poverty-focused foreign assistance, nutrition assistance for struggling seniors and pregnant women, and Head Start — is at risk. Tell your members of Congress that they must not cut programs that help struggling families at home and abroad.

Photo: Four brothers share a meal in Uganda. (Kendra Rinas)

Quote of the Day: Ingrid Mock

“I try to get most of the things my daughter eats because I can hold the hunger — I’m an adult — but she cannot. They don’t understand when there’s no food in the fridge.”  

— Ingrid Mock, a New York City resident who uses food stamps to feed herself and her 12-year-old daughter, in the New York Times article "Cut in Food Stamps Forces Hard Choices on Poor." Mock saw her SNAP allotment drop from $275 per month to $250 as a result of $11 billion in SNAP cuts that went into effect on Nov. 1.

Forty-nine million Americans live at risk of hunger, and more than 1 billion people around the world live in extreme poverty. SNAP and international food aid programs must be protected in the farm bill. Email or call your member of Congress at 800-826-3688 today.

Photo: A food bank distribution in Virginia (Rick Reinhard). 

Quote of the Day: Rev. David Beckmann


(Robin Stephenson)

"We must remind Congress that God calls our leaders to deliver the needy when they call, the poor and those who have no helper. Gutting programs like SNAP shows a blatant disregard to this divine call."

—Rev. David Beckmann, in "Cutting Food Stamps is a Bad Way to Balance the Budget," from Soujouners' God's Politics blog.

Members of Congress are in the process of making decisions about the budget and farm bill, and faithful advocates must tell them that any final budget or farm bill must not increase hunger.

Quote of the Day: Barbie Izquierdo


"Hunger, it’s right here in the United States.  It could be right next door and you would never know because people are too afraid to talk about it."

—Hunger activist Barbie Izquierdo, in the documentary A Place at the Table


Today, every family receiving food stamps (SNAP) will see its grocery budget shrink, as $11 billion in cuts to this vital program go into effect. For a family of four, this means a loss of up to $36 a month. As millions of families are bracing for these automatic benefit cuts, members of the House and Senate are meeting to finalize a farm bill that will impact vital anti-hunger programs—including SNAP. 

We need your help. The voices of your members of Congress are critical in our efforts to end hunger. Call or email your members of Congress today and tell them to protect and strengthen SNAP and other programs that help people struggling with hunger both at home and abroad.

 Photo: Barbie Izquierdo is a Philadelphia native whose firsthand experiences with hunger and poverty have made her an anti-hunger activist and nationwide speaker on the topic. She lives in Pennsylvania with her two children, Leylanie and Aidan (pictured). Barbie has worked with Witness to Hunger in Philadelphia and appears in the documentary A Place at the Table (Laura Elizabeth Pohl/Bread for the World).

Quote of the Day: Pope Francis

Child_eating_egg"[H]unger and malnutrition can never be considered a normal occurrence that we should be become used to, as if it were part of the system. Something must change in ourselves, in our minds, in our societies."

—Pope Francis in a World Food Day message to the director general of the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization.












The budget decisions before Congress will affect people struggling with hunger for years to come. Call your members of Congress today and tell them to work to pass a moral, responsible budget that replaces sequestration with a balanced plan that won't increase hunger and poverty. Use our toll-free number (1-800-826-3688) or send an email.

Photo: Adia, 17 months, licks her fingers while eating a fried egg for breakfast on the morning of Thursday, April 19, 2012, in Char Baria village, Barisal, Bangladesh (Laura Elizabeth Pohl/Bread for the World).

Quote of the Day: Rev. James Forbes

Forbes preaching Quest
Rev. James Forbes delivers a sermon at Quest Church in Seattle, WA, October 16, 2013. (Robin Stephenson).

One child without food brings anguish to the spirit of our Great God.

Lord, I want to feel what you feel in conditions of hunger and want. And then I want to feel your joy when we have made it possible for others to feel abundance.

— Rev. James Forbes, in a sermon on Luke Chapter 15 delivered at Quest Church in Seattle, Wash., October 16, 2013.

Congregations around the country are hearing God’s message that we are all called to end hunger, and pastors are learning how to more effectively preach about this charge. Rev. Dr. James Forbes Jr., whom Newsweek magazine recognized as one of the 12 “most effective preachers,” is preaching in churches and leading homiletics workshops for those who speak from the pulpit. Rev. Forbes is senior minister emeritus of the Riverside Church and retired professor of preaching at Union Theological Seminary in New York City.

To find out if Rev. Forbes is coming to a town near you, visit www.bread.org/preaching.

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